With the implementation of a Quality and Environment Policy, RECO S.R.L. wants to link its image to high quality standards and environmental performance. This Policy is well summarized with the following points:

1 Attention focused on the single need of the single customer
The customer's needs are promptly assessed and the technical and quality requirements required and the most appropriate ways to meet these needs are defined.
Particular attention is given to the creation of products commensurate with the specific application needs of each customer, to deal with every single application and performance problem.
New objectives regarding the customer focus are the introduction of a web-based order acquisition system and the implementation of e-commerce channels.
2 Staff’s high competence and specialization
Competence in the field of both technical and commercial personnel is a fundamental element in the selection of new collaborators.
The Management also recognizes that people, at all levels, form the basis of the organization and their full involvement makes it easier to achieve company objectives.
New objectives regarding the specialization of the staff are the development of organizational acquaintances by exploiting the technical skills of our external consultants and increasing the skills through funded courses. Information, training and awareness regarding the influence of the activities carried out by the staff on the environmental impacts is the starting point to be able to guarantee to the interested parties the prevention of pollution and the continuous improvement of environmental performance.
3 Technical and organizational innovation
The Management pays particular attention to the innovation of the plants, to the continuous organizational and managerial renewal as fundamental elements for the permanence and growth in a market that increasingly requires specialization and flexibility. This allows the development of increasingly technical and specific products for customer needs.
New objectives regarding technical innovations are the dematerialization of paper in the various working phases, implementing the management of company software.
A new goal regarding innovations in the environmental field is the reduction of the energy impact, bringing the office building to zero impact, making it completely independent from energy sources.
4 System and product quality
RECO S.R.L. is aware of the growing needs of the market in terms of product safety and quality. Your policy is therefore to supply products that meet these requests, that comply, when applicable and possible, with the technical standards and mandatory requirements applicable in the country of receipt, in the country of dispatch and in the country of destination identified by the customer.
New objectives regarding Quality are the passage of the ISO 9001:2015 - IATF 16949:2016 standards and the stipulation of standard purchase specifications to reduce errors related to the purchase of material.
5 Continuous improvement and pollution prevention
The implementation of a Quality Management System that guarantees constant monitoring of all activities and timely traceability in every phase of the processes, allows to identify opportunities for improvement of products, services and internal processes with the aim of achieve ever higher levels of quality, competitiveness, environmental performance as well as pollution prevention.
Constant monitoring allows us to identify opportunities for improving the environmental impact with the aim of achieving ever higher environmental performance.
New objectives for the reduction of pollution are the monitoring of water, energy and gas consumption according to the external temperatures and the division of the collection of wood and cardboard waste with special separate bins
6 Legislative requirements
The Management reiterates the importance of respecting the legislative requirements applicable to its environmental and safety aspects, setting itself the goal of anticipating the observation of these requirements. This policy is communicated to all employees through posting in all work environments and specific training / information courses. It is also communicated to all external partners who request it (suppliers, contractors, collaborators).

The Management also ensures that the Quality and Environmental Policy is implemented through the activity of the Quality Manager, in particular through audits, analysis of non-conformities, control of process indicators and verification of objectives