A new concept of lateral protection, in compliance with ECE R73

LPDX by RECO: the new lateral protection device with built-in box

LPDX is equipped with modular aluminium profiles, that perform a double duty, as lateral protection and as box´s lid at the same time.

The aluminium profiles of the lateral protection are mounted on a hinge, which allows an easy opening.

LPDX is patented and compliant with the ECE73, as well as all the elements, which are integrated into the system and located behind the aluminium profiles.

Boxes can be directly fixed to the holders by the mean of screws and thus easily integrated into the system.

Thanks to its modular concept, LPDX is extremely flexible and allows an high level of customization.

LPDX is also available in the light version, with only 2 aluminium profiles.

LPDX bracket ECE R73

LPDX bracket ECE R73

LPDX features ECE compliant brackets, available in 2 different lengths: 565 and 715 mm, either in 2.5 mm Magnelis® or 2.0 mm Stainless steel. The brackets are equipped with a metal spring for fast release and are 100 % made in Italy.

LPDX bracket for lateral safety kit L.565mm
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LPDX bracket for lateral safety kit L.715mm
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Aluminium Hinge Profile

Aluminium Hinge Profile

The aluminium hinge profile is the key element of the LPDX system: in fact, this profile is the rotational axis which allows the opening of the aluminium sideguard profiles.
Aluminium Sideguard Profiles

Aluminium Sideguard Profiles

Available as a 2- or 3-piece element, the patented aluminium sideguard covers the side of the vehicle providing total protection and eye-catching aesthetic.

This modular aluminium sideguard, compliant with ECE R73, is not only the ultimate lateral protection, but can be also used as a lid for integrated boxes.
Corner Profile

Corner Profile

LPDX corner profile in aluminium stands out for its elegant and characteristic shape, joining aesthetic and functionality.
Built-in box

Built-in box

LPDX enables the installation of built-in toolboxes, that are fastened with screws to the sideguard brackets.
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