• F2 the hybrid door

F2 the hybrid door

Resistant like an aluminium door, light and affordable like a sandwich door.

F2 has load bearing panels with structural function, without rivets.

F2 is equipped with special panels (FoRma Technology) made of foam and SMC, sheet mould compound, which perform the structural function of the whole door-system, whilst the plastic frame is purely decorative.


F2 has no aluminium profiles:

hinges are fastened with bolts directly to the load bearing panels, that have structural properties.

Perimeter seal is made with hybrid profiles that result from the co-extrusion of soft PVC (for the gasket part) and rigid PVC (for the gasket-support) for easy and quick mounting/replacement.

F2’s technical properties make this door system long lasting and reliable, with no need of maintenance.

A complete gaskets-system prevents from water infiltrations.

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