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    An invitation to explore RECO’s universe and its products, its places and its people. What RECO has built in the course of time is directly proportional to the trust shown by its clients in its engineering capacities and in its abilities as problem solver.

The Company

Today RECO combines together the histories of Gierre, a spare parts company conceived in 1976, and that of Reco, conceived in 1984. RECO’s headquarters in Osnago, Lecco, in east Milano, inaugurated in 2009 is one of the most active Italian industrial areas, it is developed on an area of 10000 metres squared, 700 of which are dedicated to our offices, projected to best grasp the various company functions and stimulate an idea generation flow that characterizes RECO’s reserach for innovation. A strong and young team is at the company’s helm which guarantees the qualitative approach with clients and the push towards an advanced technological production, that found its way in the market realities of today’s industrial vehicles and driven towards the future (Tomorrow). Over 6000 metres squared of surface area host the production, storage and laboratories for research and testing. RECO’s staff is highly specialized and is continually updated on the best production and control systems.

RECO is an established company in the industrial vehicle sector with a “Made in Italy” production of about 95% of its products. In conjunction with the production and commercialization, RECO is a company that places the applied research and development at the centre of the industrial vehicle sector. RECO is characterized by the Italian technology for innovation, at the heart of its most famous patented products worldwide, the advanced technological production, the future (Tomorrow) and the present with added value, and the numerous patents and Certifications obtained and maintained in time, first and foremost IATF 16949:16 for the Automotive sector.

Our staff

Each company that distinguishes itself for technological competence and know-how is first and foremost a people's company. RECO prides itself of its collaborators, fruit of individual talents and of a young and strong company leadership. Different talents combined in the correct way are at the basis of the mechanism that pushes RECO towards ambitious and always innovative goals.
RECO employs over 40 people who work in research and development, production, purchasing, commercial, finance and administration, logistics and service. Each one of them has a clear and defined mission in the story of successful technologies and components for the industrial vehicle.

Quality, Research for Innovation

Quality, Research for Innovation

RECO’s Research for Innovation forges ideas for the industrial vehicle sector, a Team of people that creates products with passion, patented and certified, for the present and the future (Tomorrow), with the awareness of the market’s needs and the reliability derived from a long experience in the sector of the components and technologies for the industrial vehicle.
An attentive Quality system, the numerous company Certifications and RECO’s internal quality control chain are a guarantee for excellence and high technological value. RECO's Italian technology for Innovation is achieved through 7 patents and 3 utility models of successful solutions for the industrial vehicle.
Commercial, Purchasing, Administration, Service

Commercial, Purchasing, Administration, Service

RECO moves with agility in the industrial vehicle market and is a constant commercial reference for all large and small producers of industrial vehicles and lorry equipment. The vast experience in the spare parts sector and the far-reaching productive competence and research for innovation, enrich an already vast and varied product portfolio that our sales representatives know how to present with expertise during direct meetings with companies and large international events.
The strength of RECO’s sales representatives is their ability to act as consultants and problem solvers, whilst actively participating with the clientèle when analysing their needs and proposing a solution to their satisfaction. It is RECO’s sales representatives that, thanks to their vast array of knowledge and experience in the field of components and technologies for the industrial vehicle, guide the client towards the successful equipment choice.


Above all, RECO is a productive reality that takes its products everywhere in Italy and its prime solutions are known worldwide and are a reference for the main international companies in the Automotive sector. The production of ideas is one of RECO’s main cornerstones and is achieved through long lasting industrial patents and productive realizations of industrial vehicle equipment of high technological value and utility. Thermoplastic injection moulding, rotational moulding, the processing of steel and aluminium, carpentry are among the manufacture offered by RECO.
Nothing is conceived by chance at RECO, the productive knowledge and engineering reach the smallest of details of each product that can be personalized as per clients’ specified requests and which is subject to ongoing revision and to increasingly refined special tests aimed at improvement. At RECO one dedicates special attention to the eco-compatibility of the materials used during manufacture to reduce to the minimum the environmental impact of our own solutions with regards to the industrial vehicle equipment.
Warehousing and Logistics

Warehousing and Logistics

RECO’s warehousing management is equipped with a MWS system (Warehouse Management System) integrated in the company’s management that guarantees a controlled and precise flow of the goods in an area of over 6000 metre squared. RECO, among the various proposals made to measure for the clients, can offer warehousing planning ‘just-in-time’ in the case of repetitive orders. RECO’s logistics avails itself of a planning office that guarantees consignments timing within 24/48 hours everywhere in Italy.
Order management, care with regards to stocked goods, best packaging choices and product traceability are aspects to which RECO dedicates high importance which is an added value to the client, whether he is an industrial vehicle producer in the Automotive sector or a fitter. The nullification of risks tied to consignment is another aspect to which RECO gives great consideration and that is carried on through the selection of external vectors that are prepared and reliable.

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